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Then & Now
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The church (the Strict Congregational Church of Christ in Brookhaven, Parish of Old Mans: in Suffolk County: On Long Island: State of New York) was founded in 1789 by 6 men and 3 women (the same year George Washington was inaugurated as President).  On April 6, 1807 under the leadership of Rev. Noah Hallock, the members met and voted to build a new meeting house because the old one (west of the current building) was in a state of disrepair.  They authorized that a subscription paper be circulated throughout the parish to secure funds for this project.  It was a great success because within 9 days they again met and announced that $1400, the necessary amount, had been subscribed.  Construction by Thomas Bayles began on April 30th, and the first service was held on December 3rd 1807.  The steeple, narthex, and front porch were not added until 1851.  Although worship in 1807 was simple, there was a spiritual intensity of the parishioners with frequent days of fasting and repentance were held and lay participation in worship in the form of prayer and free speaking was common.  Each member was encouraged to share his state of mind with their fellow parishioners.

The Church today is still a vibrant part of the community and the Historical Society would like to thank the members for allowing meetings to take place there.